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Bizpromo Promotional Products

Complete Promotional Products  at the Lowest Prices in New Zealand


BIZPROMO PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS - Complete Promotional Products  at the Lowest Prices in New Zealand

BIZPROMO offers a huge selection of promotional products and corporate gifts. We work with leading gift product manufacturers to ensure products are well made, durable and priced competitively. Our in-house graphic design team work with you in mind, to maximize your branded promotional gifts. We also do specials, so if you have a concept, different to what we have on stock then get in touch and we’ll get to work and search locally and worldwide for innovative promotional gift options.


BIZ-CALENDARS - Promote all year, with our distinctively Kiwi Calendars

Our Calendar products are renowned for their stunning and interesting photos and we work with New Zealand and International photographers to supply stunning images for our Calendars. We “hear” the smiles on the phone when customers each year come back and reorder their promotional calendars.


BIZ-PRINTING - Providing you, new solutions for business printing

We can provide you with a quality printing service for all your business's printing needs. From Business cards to letterhead, Flyers to brochures and posters. With BIZPROMO we can work with you to create or refresh your brand and then supply all your print material, all with the one supplier…BIZPROMO.


BIZ-GRAPHIC DESIGN - Generating professional business imagery

Since beginning in 2000 as a Graphics business we have professionally designed and printed display advertisements, brochures, logos, packaging design and corporate identity graphics.
It has been our commitment to our clients, which has won us trust and respect; along with the fact the solutions we offer our clients continually surpass their expectations.
We work closely with our clients to establish a clear understanding of their marketing vision, providing advice and assistance to build a mutually beneficial long-term partnership.


Let's look a little closer at the research

The study found that promotional products were twice as likely to result in a positive attitude towards the advertisement itself; half of the people felt promotional gifts boosted the credibility of a company's message - compared to just a third of those viewing a TV ad; and a quarter said that promotional items would affect their purchase intent!

What's more, combining promotional gifts with other forms of marketing had an even more remarkable effect - boosting the credibility of a company's message even further. People also felt that corporate gifts and business gifts were more pleasant, more likable and create a better brand impression than both TV and print advertising.